Amped Wireless Setup

For superb wifi speed, you can rely on any router. To get a high-speed internet connection, the only router from Amped brand can consider into consideration. It is because they have a very impressive track record of manufacturing, quality devices, in the form of router extender access points & many more. So, when we know that amped router can cater all networking needs, then why to look for any other brand. Or when it comes to Amped Router Setup, it is easy, simple & quite instant. In the blog, we are going to discuss important points regarding the Amped router setup. All you Amped router users there sit back & relax and learn these steps. As they are directly from the router experts, so, let’s not delay more & get started with setting up Amped router.
Amped Router Setup Steps
• If you are using any router right now, detach it from your Pc, modem or also from the power outlet. Or if you don’t have any router, proceed to next step.

• Put off your modem, by disconnecting the modem’s power adapter, from the power outlet. Also detach the battery backup, from the modem, if any.

• Now, connect the amped router to the modem. Take an Ethernet cable, & insert its one end into your modem. Or connect it’s another end to your router blue modem port. No need to attach, power adapter, to your router at this time.

• Provide power to your modem, by plugging power adapter to it, or re-insert modem battery backup to it. Give your modem time of one or two minutes, to initiate.

• Next, attach the Power Adapter to your amped router’s PWR port & to the power outlet as well.
To know further points of Amped Router Setup, feel free to call us at our toll-free number. You can also interact live with our team, to setup router instantly.

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